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Google Review – Pyle

The roof on my very large house in Shawnee was wood shingle and was starting to fail. My insurance company would not cover a new roof so the cost was going to 100% come out of my pocket. With that in mind, I researched and got bids from close to 10 companies. After meeting with most of the companies personally and reviewing each company’s bids, quality of the materials used, reviews, testimonials and the responsiveness and punctuality of each, I decided to go with Shawn and his crew at Epic Exteriors. I could not have been happier with my decision. Shawn was not the cheapest overall but was close, the materials that he used were by far the best however – (quality in line with the most expensive bid). His crew was prompt, clean, and did a perfect job. I could not recommend Shawn with Epic more. Give them a call!

Response from the owner

Fantastic review glad we could work together.

Google Review – Mc Cormack

April 2019

These guys did a wonderful job. Shawn was brilliant to work with, very thorough and considerate. They all even did an extra thorough clean up to ensure that our dogs didn’t step on a fallen nail. The crew was friendly and did an incredible job on our roof, absolutely surpassed our expectations. There was some restoration involved in the job, and the price was very nearly spot on their extremely reasonable estimate. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Response from the owner

Thank you so much it was a pleasure.

Google Review – French

December 2019

Posting reviews is not the norm for me, but I had to make this exception for Epic Exteriors. After experiencing hail damage Epic did a fantastic job for us replacing our roof. Shawn Bellis, the owner, handled everything with care and perfection – dealing with our insurance company, giving us honest advice, a great price, and overseeing every step of the process, including inspecting the roof personally after the completion of work.

A few months later we noticed a fireplace issue – not related to the roof work Epic performed. I contacted Shawn for a referral or advice. He volunteered to come and look at it. Not only did he do that but he performed repairs himself – and cleaned our gutters. Wow. Shawn Bellis and Epic exceeded our expectations in this age. They deserve your consideration. He will provide an honest appraisal and estimate for your needs. We know this because he did this for us and several of our neighbors, all who are very pleased with Shawn and Epic Exteriors.

Response from the owner

It was great to talk with you the other day…Thank you so much for the amazing review and Merry Christmas!!!

Google Review – Smiley

February 2020

Great job. Great price. Left the place cleaner than it was when they got there.

Response from the owner

Thanks for the great review glad to do a roof for a Viking alumni and old friend!
Shawn Bellis, Owner, Epic Exteriors, LLC

Google Review – Plumlee

January 2020

Positive: Quality

Shawn was easy to work with and made the roof replacement process very straightforward. Had all the licensing and the work was done in a timely manner. I would recommend Epic to others considering roof replacement.

Response from the owner

Thanks, Alex for the great review and choosing EPIC for your storm damage restoration needs. I hope you enjoy your Presidential roof new gutters and garage doors appreciate the business see you in the neighborhood in 2020!

Shawn Bellis Owner

Google Review – jmart…

December 2019
Shawn and his team are fantastic. Very happy with the quality of the roof installed as well as the install itself. His experienced teams know what they are doing and it shows. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Response from the owner

We greatly appreciate your business. That was a crazy storm season. Your house looks amazing. Thanks for choosing EPIC Exteriors for your New class 4 CT Northgate hail rated Roof, Gutters/Downspouts, Premium Garage doors , House paint – bankrolled duration and mud-jacked patio. We love all of your great reviews!
Shawn Bellis
EPIC Exteriors

Google Review – Kresh

November 2020

We reached out after finding Shawn and his company promoted in an article he was interviewed in about proper attic venting. We told him we needed a brand new roof, gutters, garage door, and wanted to do whatever was necessary to get our attic properly vented. He was our one-stop shop!

On the phone, he seemed very knowledgeable and completely smitten upon learning that I found him through the previously mentioned article. He let me know he was currently working on a large project 20 mins south of me in Lawrence, but could start working with us in about 3 weeks and would send his “A Team” to our house. Towards the end of the phone call, Shawn collected our information and said he’d be in touch once his sorority house remodel project in Lawrence was completed. We never heard from him again.

He never called us back to cancel our arrangement, to tell us he was too busy, or to even let us know that he was no longer interested in the job. After 5 weeks of waiting [2 weeks past the original 3 week window as we understood he was busy and could have lost track of time, we gave our business to AppleHanz Roofing and they were PHENOMENAL!

Response from the owner

Sorry about your experience over the phone I remember speaking with you that day in the Summer. I was doing several large commercial jobs and gave you some very helpful tips over the phone about ventilation however you were way outside our service area as I mentioned to you. We never had any agreement, you basically called for an estimate 100 miles from our office We service the KC area specifically JOCO thanks for finding us online. Glad you got your job done by someone in Your Local service area. All the best to you.
Shawn Bellis, Owner, EPIC Exteriors

Response to Owner’s Response

I can provide a screenshot that proves we are exactly 53 miles away, not 100 miles away as you are now claiming. Yes, you offered advice during the call and sounded really eager to work with us. We were just as excited and eager to work with you. You never said we were too far away. If you decided that after our conversation, you never let us know. We certainly wouldn’t have waited on someone who said, “I’d love to work with you, but you’re outside of my service area.” I don’t understand why you are now changing the details of the conversation we had, but you specifically said you had an “A Team & a B Team” and that you and your “A Team” would be available to work with us in 3 weeks as you were currently busy finishing up your sorority house job in Lawrence. I understand being busy. I even understand changing your mind. What I do not understand is why we couldn’t be sent a 20 second text or given a 2 minute phone call to let us know instead of standing us up altogether. Thank you for taking the time to respond, even if your response was partially dishonest. Again, I don’t mind providing screenshot to disprove your claims. If you can be this dishonest about not showing up, I can only imagine the cat-and-mouse game that would have ensued had we had an issue after installation.

Updated Response from Owner.

Caitlin, I appreciate your feedback…I think I naturally am a people pleaser and love to serve my customer so initially, I thought I could get to you and was excited and flattered about how we connected. I should have reached out and just said I couldn’t make it.

For that, I apologize and will work harder to provide a better customer experience for others in the future.

Happy Holidays
Thanks Again

Google Review – Thom

January 2020

Excellent company – couldn’t be happier with the work they did!

Response from the owner

Thank you for your 5 Star review !! Glad you are enjoying your Class 4 Hail rated roof system we Installed in 2011…We appreciate your support and continued referrals.
Shawn Bellis. Owner, EPIC Exteriors, LLC

Google Review – Walker

December 2020

Epic Exteriors’ Shawn Bellis and his team are top-notch, best of the best and the go-to roofer for me. After a hail storm damaged our roof, Shawn worked closely with the insurance company to get us a good estimate. He works with clients and keeps you informed throughout the job of everything and is always available for questions. He also coordinated the garage door and gutter repairs. He was recommended by one of my neighbors and after viewing the work his crew did we decided to go with Epic Exteriors. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I don’t have to worry about my roof during any storms in our area. I am confident about the work he and his team has done. He has done several of the homes in my neighborhood and his crews are consistent, respectful and on time each day. They work together as a team to complete the job safely and clean up afterward which is very important to me. The job isn’t complete until the cleanup is done. His team did an outstanding job on my roof. I have a list of companies I use for repairs and he is the only one I will use for my roof.

Response from the owner

WOW amazing review!!! We love it and thrilled you had a great experience. Your house looks amazing with your Class 4 hail rated CT Northgate roof and that the drone flyover of your project was very cool! Thanks for your Military service and I hope you enjoyed your Bass pro /Cabelas gift card from CertainTeed Red White and Blue rebate.
Thanks again and Happy Holidays!
Shawn Bellis, Owner, EPIC Exteriors, LLC

Google Review – Youness

January 2020

EPIC did a great job on a complete re-roof with new gutters. Shawn is excellent to work with and kept me informed throughout the process. They were prompt with the work and kept the site clean. I highly recommend Shawn Bellis and EPIC Exteriors.

Response from Owner

Brenda, Thank you for the wonderful 5-star review. We look forward to continuing to serve you and your referrals

Happy Holidays
Shawn Bellis, Owner,  EPIC Exteriors, LLC

Google Review – Oades

October 2019

Shawn and the crew at Epic are great. We had a new roof, with 50 year, impact resistant shingles, done in just a little over a day. Our roof looks great! This is the second house we have used Epic, and have been very happy with them each time. If you need roof work done quickly, and done well, give Epic a call.

Response from the owner

We Appreciate your repeat business thanks letting us take you through the Insurance claims process again your new Hail rated Malarkey Legacy it looks beautiful!

Home Advisor Review

1/5/2020 by Justine S. in Independence, MO

Start to finish, EPIC provided a professional service! A very well maintained job site, a dedicated TEAM with no break in the installation schedule. Shawn was very informative & helpful with product selection. We LOVE our new roof & highly recommend EPIC Exteriors!

Google Review – Freund

December 2019
Fantastic and quality work, couldn’t be happier with my service! Thank you
Response from the owner
Thanks, Tammy your House looks amazing. Glad we could help you through the insurance claims process
Happy Holidays!
Shawn Bellis, Owner, Epic Exteriors, LLC

Google Review – Paynter

April 2019

Shawn and his team did an excellent job from quote to clean-up. I would highly recommend them.

Response from the owner

We appreciate all your referrals…
Thanks again!

Home Advisor Review – 3/22/2019

03-22-2019 by Ken P. in Mission, KS

Shawn and his team did an excellent job from quote to clean-up. I would highly recommend them.

Home Advisor Review – 7/1/2017

07-01-2017 by Jerry T. in Lenexa, KS

It will be hard to list all of the great comments in one review about Shawn Bellis, and his company Epic Exteriors, LLC.

Our home sustained a hail loss in May 2016. Shawn was in the neighborhood and asked if we wanted him to inspect our roof for damage since he was re-roofing a number of our neighbors homes. He advised our roof needed replacement so we contacted our insurance company. Their position was only partial damage even though all of the surrounding houses required a full replacement. Shawn was adamant that we needed a new roof. Shawn advised that the shingle manufacturer would not warrant new shingles mixed with old, and over the course of 13 months, Shawn worked tirelessly on our behalf, meeting twice with adjusters, contacting the insurance company by phone several times, as well as The City of Lenexa on our behalf, who stated they would not allow mixture of new and old shingles on a re-roof. We finally received a full roof replacement, but only through Shawn’s persistence.

Certainly we agree with other reviews about prompt, timely, and great installation, as well as complete and through clean up, but the customer service is the shining light on this situation. We doubt any other roofing contractor would have worked so hard on our behalf as Shawn Bellis, and Epic Exteriors, LLC.

Google Review – Gredell

April 2017

Epic exteriors did a reroof for us and were awesome to work with. He was very competitively priced and did not break the bank and we got more than we asked for. He was punctual and got the job done fast. I would highly recommend this company for all your roofing needs.

Response from the owner

Thanks, Leslie

Home Advisor Review – 3/17/2017

03-22-2017  by Glenn H. in Belton, MO

As someone who roofed in my younger days, I know what to watch for. I would be happy to have EPIC to work for me again.

What impressed me the most, they hit the ground running and did not slow down. Their cleanup was amazing, my yard looked better after they left than before they came. Using leaf blowers for even the smallest scrap. Running magnets over yard for nails. If you are careful about who you on or working on your property, these are the people to call.

RateItAll.com Review – 9/21/2016




This was our second time working with Shawn and I highly recommend. He is very responsive, easy to get a hold of and was able to quickly provide a very professional and very competitive estimate. Work started right on time and the crew was very efficient and our yard was left spotless. Our neighbors got a new roof this week too and we were left picking up shingle wrappers out of our yard…. definitely not the case with Shawn’s crew. Also appreciate that he is not a pushy salesman, we had one contractor trying to sell us expensive shingles and an excessive number of vents. Shawn kept it simple which is exactly what we wanted. Overall, just a nice guy who gets the job done.


RateItAll.com Review – Malarkey Legacy




Shawn convinced us to go with the Malarkey Legacy shingle……great warranty & really makes the house look upgraded. Crew did really good work! He even found some cosmetic window damage from the hail that the insurance company inspection had missed. Highly recommend EPIC.



RateItAll.com Review – RoofersKid





It was a hard choice.

My trophy wife was purring in my right ear about how much fun we would have in the South of France all winter. Shawn was puling on my left ear lobe explaining the quality of his ice shield and that I would never feel I had made a gaff if I chose GAF timberline that is.

Well since my Dad, rest his soul, had been a roofing contractor of superior reputation I decided to stay home and just see if Shawn really could deliver an EPIC experience, I mean Exterior. He did.

When I was a kid working for my mean old man, he made ME carry those heavy damn shingles up a ladder to load the roof. He made me cover the roof with dirty old tar paper felt before we installed the shingles. It never laid out straight and always rippled and tore. Then he made me drive all the nails with a shingle hatchet. It was so terrible I went to college to escape such a life. Perhaps the meanest cut of all was my old man said that was his plan while he was abusing his only son.

So first day Shawn’s crew shows up in their shinny new trucks and proceeded to combine into a well oiled machine of efficiency. Shawn meantime, as opposed to my mean old man, stands around something like an orchestra conductor with a baton (or was it a magic wand) overseeing just in time delivery of each item his efficient crew would need just before they would need it.

I was pissed. No nasty tar paper felt….High techno ICE and water shield GLUED down with no ripples just permanent protection. Synthetic underlayment followed…clean and so high tech. Next came the shingles. Now I am really Pissed. Up they came on a CONVEYOR without the slightest lift or effort on the executive crew of pampered workers. I was aghast…not one of these wusses even looked like they even knew what a roofing hatchet looked like. OH no now they proceeded to take out their super soft rubber cushions and sat down with something that looked like an air pistol which with the lightest touch delivered each needed nail at just the right place, with just the slightest effort. Now I am SUPER PISSED.

My EPIC experience with Shawn was the worst of my life. Imagine finding out that Shawn loves his crew more than my child abusing NASTY OLD DEAD STEPFATHER loved me. Now I remember that too! They call it recovered memories and they are all Shawn’s fault.

All I can say is if you grew up in an old time construction company and know how things used to be, listen to your trophy wife and go to the South of France. Avoid that Shawn Bellis and his crew no matter how low his modern methods have brought down the price. You too may endure the pain of recovered memories of how badly YOU were abused as a child.


Home Advisor’s Review – Mitchel





Mitchell J. in Mission, KS
Shawn and the Epic crew did a great job on installing my Weathered Wood roof. The company was professional and very courtesy. Shawn did exactly what he said he would do. My roof looks great and the crew did an excellent job of cleaning up.

Home Advisor’s Review – Dale E




Dale E. in Lenexa, KS

Epic was very efficient and did a nice job. The project manager Justin was professional and communicative.

Home Advisor’s Review – Jackie H


06-09-2016 by Jackie H. in Overland Park, KS

I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the work provided by Epic Roofing. The pricing was highly competitive. The customer service and quality of the roof installed was impressive. Thanks again Shawn & crew.


Home Advisor Review – 4/26/2016

04-26-2017  by Jeffrey T. in Prairie Village, KS

Great work done on time.

Home Advisor’s Review – Cheryl C



Review by Cheryl C. in Overland Park, KS

From the beginning to finish, the service was great. My new roof looks good, job well done. They were timely, efficient, and polite. Thanks!

Home Advisor Review – Robert C




Review by Robert C. in Overland Park, KS

On time. Great value. Outstanding clean up.

Angie’s List Review – 12/3/2015

Contrary to another review, Shawn was polite, extremely responsive and very thorough. He called the same day that I left a message. He indicated that he was in the neighborhood and could come by shortly.
Called Epic because I had seen a yard sign at a house getting a re-roof while driving back from the doctor.
He was at my home in less than an hour.  While, I only called about the leak, he noticed the other issues that were contributing to water I was getting in the basement as well as the clogged soffit vent around the house.
To my surprise, he gave me a quote on the spot and upon agreement, he said that he could take care of the issue right then, as he had the time and rain was in the future for later in the week.
By the end of the day, all of my issues where resolved. Still waiting the next rain storm to make certain the leak is finally taken care.
I will definitely use Epic and Shawn for any future roofing needs. He also said that he can do window replacement, one of the projects I have in mind for next year.

Home Advisor Review – 10/28/2015


10-28-2015 by a homeowner in Overland Park, KS

Low-pressure sale with just the facts. Shawn called out a few things on the roof ventilation that others had missed. His price was reasonable and even though I had asphalt shingles over wood shakes, his team did an excellent job and completed the work in a single day. Very pleased with the results.

Home Advisor Review 9/30/2015 13:03


09-03-2015 by Dale E. in Lenexa, KS

Epic was very efficient and did a nice job. The project manager Justin was professional and communicative.

Home Advisor Review – Tom S


09-13-2015 by Tom S. in Overland Park, KS

Guys are very knowledgeable about roofing/venting. Easy to work with, recommend to the others. The completion timeline was accurate as well.

Home Advisor’s Review – Larry W


08-25-2015 by Larry W. in Prairie Village, KS

They did a good job and cleaned up after they were done. They did the re-roof all in one day and the price was good. They need to have a seniors discount. I ask but didn’t get much response.

Home Advisor Review – Chris R


08-30-2014  by Chris R. in Mission, KS

Very good, very responsive, great price, quick service.

RateItAll.com Review – Brady P






Shawn and his team did an excellent job on replacing my roof. I had a wood shake roof that needed to be replaced so I went looking for bids. After reviewing 13 companies, EPIC Exteriors seemed like the most stand out choice. Shawn was very accessible, put together a VERY competitive bid that was very clear and concise with all of the top end products that I expected from a reputable roofer. When I called Shawn to let him know I had a few questions before accepting his proposal he drove over within 30 MINUTES to answer any questions I had in person which was amazing to me. I could really tell that he wanted my business.

The quality of work it was far above expectations. His crew was very quick and professional. They cleaned up after each night and were finished on the third day. My roof looks amazing and I could not be more pleased. I would recommend EPIC Exteriors to anyone. I chose to go with the GAF Timberline Lifetime shingle and it looks great.


RateItAll.com Review – SA Long





Very pleased with EPIC Exteriors. Shawn was great to work with and his crew was very efficient and did a great job installing our DaVinci Valore Slate roof. Shawn was the only contractor we spoke with who offered complete and specific solutions and recommendations for handling the proper venting of our roof. Would happily recommend Shawn and EPIC to our friends. Also, Chystal Smith at DaVinci was very helpful in selecting the colors and style of our new roof.


RateItAll.com Review – 11/8/2013





Shawn and crew did a beautiful job of installing our new DaVinci Valore Shake roof! We absolutely love
it. Shawn and Crystal Smith at DaVinci were both patient and very helpful in our process of selecting our roof type and color. We sincerely thank both of you.
Dave & Libby

RateItAll.com Review – M Klappa




Shawn and the EPIC team are truly amazing at their ability to connect with clients and complete the job on time and in a professional manner.

I have replaced a wooden shake roof with a DaVinci Bellaforte roof [Feb 2013] and now new 6″ Aluminum gutters [June 2013] and are very happy with the work to date. The entire process was very professional by Shawn and his team of installers and we could not be happier with the completed work.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this contractor / business owner to anyone looking for exterior work in the KC area! Truly a contractor that you can count on to do the ‘right thing’ for the customer!

Thanks, Michael Klappa

RateItAll.com Review – 4/13/2013




Shawn is very good at his job. The crew was outstanding and I am very happy with the work, they were done quickly and left no mess. I would use them again and recommend them. Thank you.

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