Contrary to another review, Shawn was polite, extremely responsive and very thorough. He called the same day that I left a message. He indicated that he was in the neighborhood and could come by shortly.
Called Epic because I had seen a yard sign at a house getting a re-roof while driving back from the doctor.
He was at my home in less than an hour.  While, I only called about the leak, he noticed the other issues that were contributing to water I was getting in the basement as well as the clogged soffit vent around the house.
To my surprise, he gave me a quote on the spot and upon agreement, he said that he could take care of the issue right then, as he had the time and rain was in the future for later in the week.
By the end of the day, all of my issues where resolved. Still waiting the next rain storm to make certain the leak is finally taken care.
I will definitely use Epic and Shawn for any future roofing needs. He also said that he can do window replacement, one of the projects I have in mind for next year.