Mastic Siding

EPIC Exteriors proudly offers and installs Mastic Siding products.

Mastic products offer features that positively contribute to sustainable building practices, improved energy efficiency or lifecycle benefits of homes.

Sustainable Resources:

  • Mastic vinyl siding is manufactured from abundant natural resources: salt (57%) and natural gas (43%).
  • Vinyl siding generates less construction site waste than cardboard packaging, brick, or lumber.
  • Our metal products are made from an alloy that contains recycled content.
  • Ply Gem facilities reuse and recycle.
  • All post-product scrap material, pallets and packaging material, reducing raw material needs and landfill use.

Energy Efficiency:

  • Vinyl siding requires less energy to manufacture per square foot than brick and mortar. 1
  • Mastic vinyl siding is lighter weight per square than other cladding options, so it requires less fuel to transport.
  • Less fuel used means less pollution.
  • Structure EPS Insulated Vinyl Siding adds up to an additional R4 of insulation to exterior walls, increasing overall wall system R-Value by up to 26%.

Lifecycle Benefits of Homes:

  • Mastic vinyl siding is durable and requires no site finish.
  • When installed properly and under normal use, our products should never require painting or staining.
  • They won’t crack, peel, blister, or rot.
  • All of our aluminum accessories are easily recyclable.
  • In fact, at the end of its lifecycle in building applications, 100% of the aluminum can be recycled.


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