Google Review – French

December 2019

Posting reviews is not the norm for me, but I had to make this exception for Epic Exteriors. After experiencing hail damage Epic did a fantastic job for us replacing our roof. Shawn Bellis, the owner, handled everything with care and perfection – dealing with our insurance company, giving us honest advice, a great price, and overseeing every step of the process, including inspecting the roof personally after the completion of work.

A few months later we noticed a fireplace issue – not related to the roof work Epic performed. I contacted Shawn for a referral or advice. He volunteered to come and look at it. Not only did he do that but he performed repairs himself – and cleaned our gutters. Wow. Shawn Bellis and Epic exceeded our expectations in this age. They deserve your consideration. He will provide an honest appraisal and estimate for your needs. We know this because he did this for us and several of our neighbors, all who are very pleased with Shawn and Epic Exteriors.

Response from the owner

It was great to talk with you the other day…Thank you so much for the amazing review and Merry Christmas!!!

Google Review – Smiley

February 2020

Great job. Great price. Left the place cleaner than it was when they got there.

Response from the owner

Thanks for the great review glad to do a roof for a Viking alumni and old friend!
Shawn Bellis, Owner, Epic Exteriors, LLC

Google Review – Plumlee

January 2020

Positive: Quality

Shawn was easy to work with and made the roof replacement process very straightforward. Had all the licensing and the work was done in a timely manner. I would recommend Epic to others considering roof replacement.

Response from the owner

Thanks, Alex for the great review and choosing EPIC for your storm damage restoration needs. I hope you enjoy your Presidential roof new gutters and garage doors appreciate the business see you in the neighborhood in 2020!

Shawn Bellis Owner

Google Review – jmart…

December 2019
Shawn and his team are fantastic. Very happy with the quality of the roof installed as well as the install itself. His experienced teams know what they are doing and it shows. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Response from the owner

We greatly appreciate your business. That was a crazy storm season. Your house looks amazing. Thanks for choosing EPIC Exteriors for your New class 4 CT Northgate hail rated Roof, Gutters/Downspouts, Premium Garage doors , House paint – bankrolled duration and mud-jacked patio. We love all of your great reviews!
Shawn Bellis
EPIC Exteriors

Google Review – Kresh

November 2020

We reached out after finding Shawn and his company promoted in an article he was interviewed in about proper attic venting. We told him we needed a brand new roof, gutters, garage door, and wanted to do whatever was necessary to get our attic properly vented. He was our one-stop shop!

On the phone, he seemed very knowledgeable and completely smitten upon learning that I found him through the previously mentioned article. He let me know he was currently working on a large project 20 mins south of me in Lawrence, but could start working with us in about 3 weeks and would send his “A Team” to our house. Towards the end of the phone call, Shawn collected our information and said he’d be in touch once his sorority house remodel project in Lawrence was completed. We never heard from him again.

He never called us back to cancel our arrangement, to tell us he was too busy, or to even let us know that he was no longer interested in the job. After 5 weeks of waiting [2 weeks past the original 3 week window as we understood he was busy and could have lost track of time, we gave our business to AppleHanz Roofing and they were PHENOMENAL!

Response from the owner

Sorry about your experience over the phone I remember speaking with you that day in the Summer. I was doing several large commercial jobs and gave you some very helpful tips over the phone about ventilation however you were way outside our service area as I mentioned to you. We never had any agreement, you basically called for an estimate 100 miles from our office We service the KC area specifically JOCO thanks for finding us online. Glad you got your job done by someone in Your Local service area. All the best to you.
Shawn Bellis, Owner, EPIC Exteriors

Response to Owner’s Response

I can provide a screenshot that proves we are exactly 53 miles away, not 100 miles away as you are now claiming. Yes, you offered advice during the call and sounded really eager to work with us. We were just as excited and eager to work with you. You never said we were too far away. If you decided that after our conversation, you never let us know. We certainly wouldn’t have waited on someone who said, “I’d love to work with you, but you’re outside of my service area.” I don’t understand why you are now changing the details of the conversation we had, but you specifically said you had an “A Team & a B Team” and that you and your “A Team” would be available to work with us in 3 weeks as you were currently busy finishing up your sorority house job in Lawrence. I understand being busy. I even understand changing your mind. What I do not understand is why we couldn’t be sent a 20 second text or given a 2 minute phone call to let us know instead of standing us up altogether. Thank you for taking the time to respond, even if your response was partially dishonest. Again, I don’t mind providing screenshot to disprove your claims. If you can be this dishonest about not showing up, I can only imagine the cat-and-mouse game that would have ensued had we had an issue after installation.

Updated Response from Owner.

Caitlin, I appreciate your feedback…I think I naturally am a people pleaser and love to serve my customer so initially, I thought I could get to you and was excited and flattered about how we connected. I should have reached out and just said I couldn’t make it.

For that, I apologize and will work harder to provide a better customer experience for others in the future.

Happy Holidays
Thanks Again